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Volunteer at HOME or in UGANDA


We invite you to volunteer and help us. You don’t even have to leave home to do so. We appreciate all those who help as without them we would not make it.

There is much that is able to be done at home, be it the US, Canada, Australia, England or Holland.

We have young people who regularly recycle and send funds to Welcome Home. This is very easily done and can generate quite a lot of income. This is a really good way to get your children involved.

We have had youth groups make warm blankets for the preemie babies.

We have had several schools in Europe and the United States who have adopted Welcome Home and have raised funds for items such as formula, diapers - and of course ice cream treats. Others have donated funds for postage stamps to mail the monthly Welcome Home newsletters.

Children can do an awareness day and fund raiser at their schools.

A teen girl did a shoe box drive in cloth bags with items we needed for 70 children for Christmas.  She has since been over to serve in Uganda.

We have several women’s groups that sew for us blankets, shorts and dresses in all the sizes we need. We have a man who crafts us wonderful toys.

One adoptive mother has written a book about her experience with baby Ruth - a severe cerebral palsy case - and highlights the way many volunteers supported baby Ruth and her family, post adoption. Redeeming Ruth, written by Meadow Rue Merrill, is available through this Amazon link


Others sell into their community necklaces and bracelets crafted from paper made by our staff and sold for a profit for the home. Some come and serve in Uganda, often bearing gifts for the home. Some bring finances to pay bills, some funds to buy the medicine we use or the food and formula for a month.

To volunteer, please read and review the volunteer forms located here and send to us at the following address:

Welcome Home Ministries, Africa
P.O. Box 9771
Brea, California 92822

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New Dresses from Doris

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Mums' new aprons were provided by our wonderful sewing volunteers in Michigan. 


Ponchos for our babies were crocheted by volunteers in California.

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