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Medical Clinics

For the last several years we have a Welcome Home plus volunteer medical team that goes every three to four months to Lwambogo, a large village surrounded by seven smaller ones. Patients come from the surrounding districts to receive the care that they need. We run between anything between 350 to 1,200 patients depending upon the amount of sickness. A clinic or camp consist of 8 Ugandan volunteer doctors, some doctor volunteers from the US and Denmark, HIV outreach team who do testing, lab technicians for regular blood work and malaria tests. Our Welcome Home nurse organizes and runs the pharmacy. These clinics have made a tremendous difference to all the people living in the village.

Doctor Phillip with our medical social worker organizes all the follow up treatments and surgeries that are needed. There is always a need for financial help to pay for the patient care that we have not been able to get grants for.

It is very cost effective for the sake of the village children for us to keep their parents healthy and working, also able to parent them. It reduces the suffering of the young children and helps keep them in their own home, while also keeping the children healthy.

We have been able to host Dr Ryan and his dental clinic team several times.

We also have dental team organized by one of our Adoptive Dads named Chris who intend to come back and serve in 2022.

At this time (December 2020) we are actually constructing a medical clinic in Lwambogo, paid for by a grant given us by the Jones family. The clinic will serve the district for daily medical needs. This should help stop many cases from becoming extremely serious because they can receive early intervention. Only the very serious cases will need to go into the hospitals in Jinja or Kampala. Even though we will have the permanent clinic we will still run some medical clinic /camps to make sure no children are falling through the cracks

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