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Before & After

Most Recent Inspiring Miracles

Baby Doreen
Baby Doreen  after discharge from Al- Shafa modern Hospital..png

Baby Doreen was abandoned in the cane fields on her day of birth and was found on the fourth day.  She had an eye infection and was dehydrated (Left photo).  This little girl was miraculously protected from many predators - Wild dogs, foxes, rats, birds of prey and others.  After much care (Right photo), Doreen has a bright future.

Boy with Life-Change

This boy is a living miracle of life-change.  Before photos are on the left and after photos are on the right.

Twins Asina and Sharifa pic.JPG

These two darlings came in July at 2 months old weighing under 6 pounds. Look at how they have blossomed!

Asina Babirye (2).JPG
Sharifa Kaudha (2).JPG

Before & After - Miracles in Progress

Click on each image for details.

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