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Before & After

Severely Burned Baby

This little boy was burned and abandoned in Kampala at 6 months old and taken to one of the large hospitals. He was treated for a short time and then came to Welcome Home at 6 months old as there was no more they could do for him. He was taken to the USA for skin grafts and other medical care at a Shriner’s Hospital who donated their long term ongoing care. A loving family became his host family and went onto adopt him. One picture of him is with our Manager William the day he went to the High Court in Kampala for his adoption process. He is a very kind observant young boy who is very outgoing and full of spunk. We have visited him in his home in the US and find that he still loves spaghetti and is a very happy young man. Summer 2013 has been a time of more reconstructive surgical procedures with still more to be done next school break.

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