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Before & After

Baby Evonne

An update from Evonne’s adoptive Father and Mother.

Dear Prayer Warrior friends,

A quick update on the miracle that has unfolded before our eyes over the past 8 years, due in no small part to the prayers on her behalf during this time. When we brought Evonne home, she was small and weak, had only one inflated lung (which wasn’t in good health), no usable vision, and a list of maladies that go on from there. But there was a steely determination in her lovely eyes, coupled with an easy smile and a gentle spirit that drew people into her world and made them love her instantly. Her medical challenges these past years have been daunting, but they have diminished greatly as each year passes. Today, she has 2 relatively healthy lungs and partial vision in one eye. She still has a short list of life-threatening diseases, but she is stable medically now, and we have much reason for hope long into the future. Though her body is still weak (she cannot sit, stand or walk), providing care for her is a pleasure, and it never fails that we come away with so much more than we have given. As she has learned to talk in recent years, Evonne’s vocabulary and level of understanding astounds us. She loves to joke, loves to laugh, and wants to see a smile on everyone’s face. She is seldom disappointed, so infectious is her personality. We’re humbled and amazed that God placed this precious girl into our family, and we’re grateful for each and every person who has kept her in their heart and in their prayers.

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