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Before & After

Neglected Hydrocephalic


We are sorry to inform you that Oscar lost his battle for life.


Many of our donors, volunteers and visitors have fallen in love with Oscar. He had a following from all over the world praying for him and watching his progress.

Oscar came to us just over 9 months old because his very young then single mum was in great despair about his condition and was not doing well emotionally. To come to our home was a chance at life for him. We recognized his condition as Hydrocephaly and immediately took him to Cure International in Mable. They specialize in this condition so he had the brain surgery that he needed.  Because his head has been so big and his right side paralyzed it has been a chore for him to get moving.  Normal crawling was impossible for him with a leg and arm that would not work and a huge head to hold up.

He developed his own way of sliding around on his tummy or butt.  He had several times daily many exercises to help get the arm and leg that didn’t want to work moving. We saw more and more progress all the time. He was standing with help and liked the view from that position. If you see him with a sling on in pictures it is because we were stopping him from using his good arm so he will start to use the other more. It worked. He fed himself with his good arm, played tambourine and drum with both hands and talked a bit more.

When Oscar and his grandparents were suffering because of a drought, our social workers Nancy and Hope delivered sacks of food to them and also some new clothes for Oscar.

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