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Before & After

Village Paraplegic

This is a little village girl who suddenly became paralyzed from the waist down (from a rare form of Spinal Bifida) at the age of 10 years old. Welcome Home visits her village to work with the children on a regular basis so her need was brought to our attention. For several years we helped her at home in the village providing medical care at the best hospitals and very often nutrition as her family were poor. Life opened up for her a little when we gave her the hand pedaled wheel chair. It was all not enough as it was very hard to get her the care she needed in the village and she eventually would become septic from the huge pressure sores she battled even though we did our best with mattresses, sponge wedges and all the training we could give her grandma. Eventually we helped facilitate her adoption so that she could get the care she needed. Care that we were not able to obtain for her in Uganda. She is doing really well and still communicates on a regular basis with her family (pictured) in Uganda.

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