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Before & After

Village Starvation and Tuberculosis

Here is a village boy who was found by a Canadian med student who volunteered with a group in the largest village we work in out in the middle of the cane fields. The med student fiancé volunteered at Welcome Home so he asked for our help follow up on this young boy when he had to return home. His Canadian friends and family helped with the finances for the first part of his treatment. He was often transported with his big brother on one of our motorcycles in and out the 40 minute ride to the hospital and clinic. Without intervention he would have died. He was extremely malnourished and had untreated TB of the lungs that ravaged his health. He was covered with skin rashes and his eyes were badly affected and his teeth were rotten because of sucking on sugar cane. We obtained him all the medication that he needed and supplied food supplements for the family but it was not enough. We ended up seeing him further deteriorate not far from death when we took him to International Hospital in Kampala for a full month of IV antibiotic treatment. He came from Hospital to our isolation unit at the home where we continued with his care for over a year. Because of the permanent damage to his lungs he was not able to return to his village. A wonderful family adopted him and provided for him the best medical care possible. He some of the time has to use oxygen because of his lung damage. He enjoys high school, loves math and has his own computer. He maintains good contact with his family through us. Both he and they are delighted when they get pictures and letters.

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