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Welcome Home Ministries Africa does process Adoptions within Uganda, and also to America.


The Fostering adoption process / Adoption process in Uganda is becoming more complex and difficult, both in preparation and processing. For Americans this means a couple have to be willing to be there in Uganda for up to 4 months. We do not permit you to bring any children with you to Uganda, so you will need to have your other children cared for at home.

Often the mother will find it especially hard to be separate from her children at home for such a long time and it will take a lot of “heart” preparation to be absent for the necessary time.

The Adoption process in Uganda is not easy – lots of pressure and stress, and so lots of grace is needed when everything is out of your control. We have much experience in the process and so we insist you follow our directions, even if you do not understand. Remember you are representing Christ, and your country. Don’t cause shame.

Do not even think of applying if you are a strong pushy “Type A” personality who try to take over and end up messing everything up, extending the process, offending officials and adults, and discomforting the children.

There is a very strong move by some in the country to stop adoptions completely and to close down orphanages, just as they have in some European countries. It is uncertain how, when and even if, that huge change will happen. We ourselves will be very happy when orphanages are no longer needed, but that will only happen after the country prospers more.

Ugandan law has recently changed dramatically with more stringent expectations for adopting families.

This now means the adopting couple will need to be willing to come for three trips:

The first: for two weeks to begin the process

The 2nd : for two weeks mid year

The 3rd: after 12 months, a possible two to four months to complete the Ugandan court and us embassy process.

If interested in adoptions contact our Director for further information.

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