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To Love, Care, and Pray Destitute Babies Back to Health

or Back Into Jesus's Loving Arms

Healthy Meals

We provide them a loving life-giving meal so that each child has a healthy, secure foundation for life.

Home Facilities

We provide a clean, structured, happy place for our children to thrive and grow under the care of our loving staff.

Education and Recreation

Children are prepared intellectually, morally, spiritually and physically for success in life. Our goal is to prepare the whole child.

How You Can Help


There is always a need

for finances and blessing of our faithful donors, as well as for the health of the children and the workers.


We invite you

to Become a Volunteer and help us. You don’t even have to leave home to do so. We appreciate all those who help as without them we would not make it.


Over 95% of donations

are sent to Uganda (Our US overhead are less than 5%). No Westerners are paid from your gifts.



Robin (from USA)

Welcome Home offers support from before your trip begins and throughout your stay in the country.  They provide drivers, social workers, nurses... everything you need for each step of your journey.

Ms Tauer (International Adoptive Agency Director)

I have visited a large number of orphanages around the world in the past 30 years and this is the best one, taking care of the whole child.

Sheilendra Kumarsingh (Indian Baby Formula Sales Director, SurgiPharm Uganda Ltd.)

I visit every orphanage all over Uganda  and have found Welcome Home Ministries, Africa to be the best managed, and well run, giving good care to the children. 


Director (Uganda Child Foundation)

We love how you resettle the children home to the village with goats, clothes, beds, shoes, mosquito nets and we would love to arrange seminars to train other  orphanages in your methods.

Our Team

You Can Help

  • Pray

  • Give Financially

  • Become A Volunteer

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