Village Ministry


Our team does evangelism in some of the surrounding villages, schools, hospitals and prisons. Often young children are in the women’s prison with their mothers so they can really benefit when the team visits. When the village seems ready we will show films like the Jesus Film, The Passion of Christ, and also the 10 Commandments. The same team will organize a village wide crusade

While in the villages they watch out for sick children who are suffering.

We look to take care of whatever the need is to bring that child’s life into a good healthy condition. At the local Jinja Children’s Hospital we were able to refurbish 12 broken down children’s beds making them stronger, new mattresses and an IV pole built onto each end.

We now have a medical team that goes every two or three months into one of the largest villages where the children were suffering. It is making a big difference to the children’s lives. See medical clinics


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