How You Can Help Orphans


Pray for the Children of Uganda. Pray they can be restored to relatives in their villages or be adopted by a loving family. Pray each of these beautiful children will know what it is like to be loved and belong first by God, and then by a caring family and community.

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Give Financially

Give Financially. It takes a lot of money and resources to run WHMA. It is supported entirely by your gifts. Over 95% of your donations go directly to Uganda to be wisely used for the children. No Westerner is paid by your donations; all US positions are volunteer.

We can receive your tax-deductible monetary donation to Welcome Home Ministries here.

or do an auto-bill pay from your bank.

For off-line donations to WHMA, please write checks out payable to “Welcome Home Ministries, Africa” & send by mail to the following address:

Welcome Home Ministries, Africa
P.O. Box 9771
Brea, California 92822


To volunteer, please read and review the volunteer forms located here and send to us at the following address:

Welcome Home Ministries, Africa
P.O. Box 9771
Brea, California 92822

WHMA is an all volunteer operation, except for the Ugandan workers.


Share about what God is doing in Uganda and with the children of Welcome Home Ministries. Like us on Facebook. Help us be a voice for the children of Uganda. Brainstorm with your church, small group, youth group, friends and community ways you can help the kids and contact us for more ideas and direction.

Sew for Us

We are able to supply you with patterns for shorts and/or dresses and measurements for blankets. Contact our Director


For more information about any of the above items, please send us a note or contact our Executive and Operations Director – U.S. & Uganda, Mandy Sydo.

Phone: (714) 282-7050


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