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Before & After

Severe Malnutrition

This little girl who was 2 ½ years old is the most dramatic rescue that we have had the privileged to work with over the past 10 years. She was born into a severely poverty stricken family with 6 other children. They dearly loved her but because of their abject poverty were not able to care for her properly so when she became ill she deteriorated very badly being already malnourished. We “accidently” met her at Children’s Hospital with her mother. The hospital did not have the funds and neither did her parents for her care. The mums pink outfit was the day we met her, the blue outfit 3 days later when she was admitted to Welcome Homes care after all the legal work was done. She entered the grounds of our home for about an hour before she was transported down to International Hospital in Kampala where she was given the best of treatment for the next 3 weeks. The picture of her sitting in her diaper is the difference of what 3 weeks care can do. There was a very tough painful road ahead of her as she learned to stand and walk. Because of the fact her family could not cope and because medically we were very concerned for her developmentally, with her parents consent she was adopted. She has done miraculously well and has caught up in her development and is now a happy loving young lady.

Being board during the Covid pandemic, she wrote and published a science fiction book, and since then, a book of poetry. She is a writer, artist, and actress with a very sweet nature.

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